PixelBasher Update - Rainbow Goblins

Hello everyone! It's time for another PixelBasher update. I've been experimenting a lot this week. Which resulted in a half working undo system! And yes, of course I'm shipping a half-finished feature, this software is in early access after all!

Let's take a look at the update changes in detail.

Library sections

The asset library panel now has sections which can be opened and closed. Very useful simply to hide categories you are currently not using.

Posterization toggle

A toggle for the global posterization effect has been added to the settings panel. Some users might not want to crush colors, or do so in another application.


The much requested undo feature has seen some work. A CTRL+Z now nudges back the history of the document.

Known issues
- I've seen some bugs in undoing creating and deleting objects
- Moving/resizing/changing a selection is not yet correctly handled

The feature is mostly useful now for undoing something like a wrongly moved object. For going back to a document state of a few minutes ago, I'd say it's still too unstable! Use at your own risk. I'll be improving the undo system in future updates of course :)

Blending Modes (cutout and mask)

Objects now have the option to perform a blending operation with their underlying objects:
Cutout: Uses the objects opaque pixels to 'punch a hole' in the underlying objects
Masked: Only displays the object on fully opaque pixels.

These blending operations might not be super useful at the moment, but will most likely have their moment to shine in a later update in combination with 'object baking' .


Other than that there have been some misc. quality of life changes and bugfixes. As is typical with these updates, you'll also find some new kitbashing parts in the library. Keeping track of what I added is a hassle, so you'll have to take a look yourself! ;)

For those of you who'll be in the middle of a heatwave the coming period: Try to take it easy and make sure to drink enough. Take care and see you next update!


PixelBasher.zip 102 MB
Jul 09, 2022
PixelBasher-macOS(experimental).zip 127 MB
Jul 09, 2022

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That undo feature is something i've been NEEDING. Thanks for popping it in there even if it isnt finished. We take those. Also the blending modes is one of those other things ive wanted. Keep up the good work!