PixelBasher Update - Transience

Hey everyone. Today I'm updating pixelbasher to version Transience. This update brings several cool new w.i.p. features to the application. Symmetry mode and a basic version of user-textured brushes.

I almost forgot to mention it, but this update also has a Linux build! Like the MacOS version, this is experimental. I only have a Steam Deck to test this build on. So far it seems to be working correctly. But with so many Linux distributions out there, most likely it will not work on all of them. For now it's just a folder with an executable and it's dependencies. However in the future I'll look into providing something like an appimage or flatpak (currently I'm not even sure what these things are exactly haha).

I've also been working on the PixelBasher website a bit. Recently I got annoyed with Wordpress (which the website was running on) because it's so bloated. I wanted a fast loading website which doesn't require any cookies or other useless junk. So the new PixelBashser website is just a simple static manually typed html project. It loads really fast and looks a lot better than the old one to boot. Moving forward it will be a lot easier to maintain and add things that do not fit into a 'theme'. The last week I've been adding documentation pages in markdown format. It still needs a lot of work, but it's certainly a good base to work from!

But let's get into the features of the update:


The symmetry places a vertical mirror axis in the middle of the document. Whatever appears on the left side of this axis will be mirrored on the other side. By using symmetry, you can quickly kitbash symmetrical objects. Often useful for buildings, machines, etc.

Symmetry can be toggled with the symmetry button in the top bar.

 Early Acces Notes & known issues

  •  In future versions of PixelBasher it will be possible to exclude individual objects from being mirrored. Allowing for placement of non-symmetrical details. For example, a building will probably only need one door.
  • Bug: Currently the mirrored axis 'drifts' when the canvas falls out of rendering bounds. This is more apparent when zoomed in.
  • Bug: Image exports using the symmetry function currently do not clip transparency correctly.

Custom 9-slice brushes

This feature allows users to supply their own textures for use as a 9-sliced kitbashing object. The functionality is far from done, but rather a proof of concept. Because of the 'Early Access' nature of the project, users can test it in this early version and expect improvements in coming updates. Also because this is one of the most requested features I'd rather just ship the w.i.p. and show you all 'look I'm working on it!'.

Early Acces Notes & known issues

  • Currently limited to 5 user-brushes
  • Library of user brushes is not saved
  • User brush settings window can sometimes bug out
  • A GUI is planned to be able to drag & drop and drop the margins of the custom objects


  • A small thing that was added: the application maximize button now stretches the window to full like other apps do rather than completely hijacking the screen. The 'full-full-screen' mode will be added back at some point, but not on the maximize button.
  • Some new cool machine parts have been added!

Cheers and have fun with the update!


PixelBasher-macOS(experimental).zip 124 MB
Feb 03, 2023
Feb 03, 2023
PixelBasher-Linux(experimental).zip 257 MB
Feb 03, 2023

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I am really interested in the tool but 19.99 is a lot of money for me to give if the final product isn't being updated, any news on the development of this tool? thank you.

Hey Guys,

Purchased the tool (for the mac version). But the app won't run. I get the icon on the dock and the top menu says PixelBAsh2.. but nothing else happens. Any help?

I tried out pixelbasher and there's some things i'd like to discuss.

1, When adding user brushes, there's no way to remove the brushes without restarting the application. Or maybe I missed something.

2, I don't know if you're already working on this, i can't seem to apply symmetry to just 1 layer.

3, can you add an option to set horizontal symmetry?

4, Is it possible to add SVG support for user brushes/objects?

5, Can you add an option to adjust geometry such as skew, or X / Y perspective?

How can i zoom in and out?


or [Ctrl] and + or - key

Hello, Unable to launch software since last update. (black screen) W7pro64, 16 GB RAM, Radeon rx560...

hello , i ran into a new issue , cannot export whole image,

well , export result is sth like below , help~~~~~~

(1 edit)

damn, after reopen the project , i solved the problem .

too many bugs right now ,

hope u fix them all asap

hi , i just bought this tool , but unfortunately  it cannot run correctly.

i either dont know how to close the software or save my project .

i think it will be an ownsome software , but first , can u tell me how to save my work??!!

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To save your project, click the floppy disk icon in the corner.
To export your image click the box icon to the right of that.
To close out of the program, you can X out of it or hold Alt+F4 .

this is my win10 UI, why??  where is the button?

and ..  i cant download it again , itchio hard to use........

ok  i fixed it , cause the resolution has been changed , so buttons are gone.


scale to half resolution caused this trouble

Are you thinking of releasing it on Steam?

I don't think they'll be releasing it on steam.

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Linux user here

appimage is a self-contained universal linux app... its... basically like a portable executable that contains all what it needs to run in itself, no extra files or folders

i never actually made a appimage myself but i have read that is pretty straight forward, and since is linux-universal, it will work in all linux distros

flatpak however, although it is also a universal package, it uses the flatpak repositories, and a tool to install them either through an interface or a CLI

It's great if you like to install applications from a repository with a GUI or the terminal, but I find it difficult to distribute a commercial application like pixelbasher with that method, especially since you use itch.io

so I would recommend that you try to make it as an Appimage, or just keep it as it is (as long as there aren't many problem reports, of course).

i hope this was of some help, have a nice day!

(English is not my first language btw, so if something is not well written or it's just weird, well... sorry about that)

Thanks for the explanation! I think Appimage is indeed the way to go. I'll look into it!

Just discovered this app and I saw there was some sort of automatic shading function to instantly relight the entire sprite.

I was wondering can this app/tool be used to automatically shade existing custom sprites?

As an example I have these guns that I want to shade:

PixelBasher doesn't do any automatic shading. What you see in the video's posted on social media: It's more like overlaying gradients or textures and then limiting the number of displayed colors. PixelBasher does ship with a few fancy dither patterns to simulate rust, dirt, etc.

In the end it's only one of the tricks that PixelBasher has. If you want to test if this method could work for you, I think you could also manually try to do something like that in another application.

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If you're not finding the sprite effects you're looking for in PixelBasher.
There's a program called SpriteMancer that has different sprite effects.
There's even a demo to try out if you're not sure it'll work for your application.