PixelBasher Update - Evening Star

Group copy paste

This build brings a big improvement with something very basic. It's now possible to copy and paste (or duplicate) a selection of objects. Great if you build something complex, and want another one of it!

It's something that seems simple on the surface, but was actually pretty complex to make. We're all so used to these kind of features just working in every other app. PixelBasher is made in a game engine though, so a lot of these basic things need to be built from scratch. I believe the feature is pretty stable, but if you encounter any bugs don't be afraid to send me a message.

The programming behind this will also serve as a base for grouping of objects and potentially saving prefabs in the library. However, that is for another day.

Two smaller features that are added in this build are:

Right click menu

This right click popup menu now houses only a few buttons, but will most likely be a great location for many future functionalities.

Editor Background color picker

A small fun addition. Users can now pick the editor background colors from the settings menu. No editor settings are saved yet though, so I think for the next build I'll have to look into saving and loading editor preferences.

All in all it's not a very big update. But the new group copy and pasting feature can be super useful! Observant pixelbashers might spot a new tab in the library labeled 'user'. This tab doesn't have any functionality yet though, sorry! ;)

Happy copy & pasting!

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